Code of Ethics

1. There will be no hidden charges attached to our consultations/sessions. All clients have information about the cost and length of a reading prior to beginning.

2. I will be clear about what Tarot can and cannot do for you.

3. I will keep your reading confidential. I reserve the right to break confidentiality if it keeps you or someone else from causing or becoming physical harm.

4. I am here to serve your best interest. I will always show you respect & compassion regardless of the spiritual paths, ethnic heritages and cultures personal background.

5. In order to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies and/or instill unnecessary fear, I cannot and will not attempt to predict the future related to winning lottery numbers or interpret any reading to represent any death or disease.

6. I will work with you to formulate a question that empowers you. As a reader my goal is to help provide you with information & insights that will assist you in making your decisions.

7. I will strive at all times to give you the very best reading of which I am capable of so that you will feel empowered to make practical, life-affirming decisions.

8. If it becomes clear to me that your issue is outside my area of expertise I will recommend that you contact a licensed professional that can assist you further.

9. Free Will overrides fate. You are in control of your future with the decisions you make daily. Every person should act according to his/her own conscience. You alone are responsible for your own behavior. Any decisions you make, or actions you take as a result of your consultations/session are entirely your own responsibility.

10. You must have a parent or guardian present if you are less than 18 years of age.

11. I reserve the right to refuse any reading that violates my code of ethics.